Music for Society



"We strive to promote a better understanding of music and expand the role of music in our society."

- From the PGVIM Mission Statement

Music for Society is one of the core courses of PGVIM's undergraduate curriculum. It aims to benefit both our students and the general public through music outreach programming. Programs completed thus far have involved collaborations between students and people who live in the immediate area around PGVIM, as well as children in slums and rural areas. Some programs have also been designed for the benefit of the aged.


Academic Year 1/2022

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PGVIM Music for Society
Student Showcase in Open Space project @TCDC

Spreading Coronavirus 2019 is still a condition to design the Music for Society course in this academic year 2/2021. This semester, Music for Society, collaborated on the Music Makes Changes project, an educational service project of the PGVIM; students who enrolled on the courses will participate in the project and catch up with the idea that inspires them to design or create a project that beneficial to the society. The results there are eight projects with different perspectives


Venue: Gallery, Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC), Bangkok

July 19 - 24, 2022


Online Edition

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Course ID: 111 109
Online Edition

Music for Society II 2/2021

Course ID: 111 110

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Course ID: 111 111
Online Edition

Music for Society VI 2/2021

Course ID: 111 112


Academic Year 2020

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Course ID: 111 109

Course ID: 111 110

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Pedestrians from an Ariel View

Music for Society IV 2/2020

Course ID: 111 112